Endoscopically minimally invasive and cerebrovascular-focused practice with active spine practice as component.

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Active Duty Army Neurosurgeon with a full-spectrum neurosurgical practice encompassing complex adult and pediatric cases. Primary cerebrovascular practitioner in group. 2007-2010 Chief of Neurosurgery: Educator, trainer and director of personnel on all levels including surgical house staff, Active Duty Neurosurgeons, Reserve Neurosurgeons, civilian Neurosurgeons, nursing clinical and operating room staff, scrub techs and technological advisors.

Operation Iraqi Freedom 2009:

Served as neurosurgical director for theater encompassing management of all neurosurgical issues and patients in theater. Served as Consultant to the MNC-I Surgeon for Neurosurgery for the Iraqi Theater of Operations. Provided Iraqi Physician Exchange Program with education on emergency neurological procedures.